End Violence Against Black People Campaign

  • Posted on: 1 January 2020
  • By: Dane County TimeBank

The (Taskforce) Campaign to End Violence Against Black People began as a response to the arrest of black children. In December of 2019 a 14 year-old was arrested at his middle school. Lincoln HiIls is full of Black children. Why is it acceptable for Black children to be locked behind bars? The task force asks, what kinds of institutional violence is taking place in our schools and other institutions that normalize this kind of violence? 

This is a collaboration between the TimeBank Transformative Action Network and Freedom Inc. The goal of this Taskforce is to create greater visibility of this problem and decriminalize Black youth. The focus is on broadening the conversation about this violence and compelling white allies to address the role of hypersegregation as a form of structural violence that bolsters and normalizes violence against Black children. The reason for this letter writing campaign is to lay pressure on the system, to break silence, make the violence visible, and do everything we can to stop this violence. We must all be responsible for ending violence against our Black neighbors.

Our goal is to send 2000 letters by November 3, 2020.