Call to Action: In Response to Racism at Patrick Marsh Middle School

  • Posted on: 12 February 2021
  • By: Dane County TimeBank

As you may know 100 Strong put out an open letter to the Sun Prairie School Board and Patrick Marsh Middle School Administration denouncing the racism that a group of teachers carried out at Patrick Marsh through their assignment about ancient Mesopotamia and Hammurabi’s Code, which included a question that asked the 6th grade students how they would punish a slave. Over the last couple of days, the media and the Sun Prairie School District have shifted the public narrative away from the incident itself and instead are targeting those who are working to support addressing and eliminating racism. We want accountability in addressing the deep harm caused all involved.

The Transformative Action Network asks that you break silence now.

How you can help:

We are asking you to call the Sun Prairie School district to share your concerns and demand action. Please share this widely with your networks. If your organization hasn't issued a statement, consider doing so. Ask your members to voice their concerns and demand change. Once you have made calls, contact and let us know you stood with us.

1. Stop the character attacks on YWCA employees.
2. Stop the public misrepresentation of the work relationship with YWCA and Dane County Timebank.
3.Tell us what you are doing to address the racism of your staff and to support the victims of your racism. What best practices are you putting in place to resolve this problem.
4. Community partners should be included in plans for eliminating racism in the Sun Prairie School District. Specifically, Black parents, Black youth, and anyone who cares about ending racism.

Do not allow the conversation to be diverted from addressing racism and white supremacist culture. Please join us in taking action and demanding accountability.

People to call and write:

Brad Saron
Sun Prairie School District Superintendent
(608) 834-6502

Stephanie Leonard-Witte
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning & Equity
(608) 834-6516

Theresa Wisden
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning & Equity
(608) 834-6517

Dr. Steve Schroeder, School Board President
608.834.4005 Home
608.347.9324 Cell


Thanks for your ACTION,
Transformative Action Network