My Internship Experience at the Timebank

  • Posted on: 29 April 2021
  • By: Mariah Kozmer

            When I started interning for the Timebank I was planning on being involved in starting up their community helpline. Unfortunately, doing outreach in a pandemic to spread the word about the helpline is extremely challenging. Therefore, the helpline was shut down, but I hope in the future the Timebank can bring it back because it truly is a great resource for the Madison community. Also, since I came into this internship during a global pandemic it prevented me from being able to meet in person with the Timebank staff and members. Even though I was never able to meet everyone I worked with this year, I still felt a part of the amazing community the Timebank has.

            I’ve learned a lot while interning for the Timebank. I not only learned valuable skills but also learned a lot about myself. I came into this internship knowing very little about what anti-racist and abolitionist practices looked like. The Timebank gave me the opportunity to learn these concepts in a way that they are not taught in college. I was able to participate in restorative justice circles, start meditating multiple times a week, read an amazing book by Bettina Love, and much more. These experiences allowed me to see my own privileges in a way I have never before. After reading Bettina Love’s book my biggest takeaway was that I need to work towards co-conspiratorship instead of allyship. Bettina talked about how allyship is often performative or self-glorifying. I now recognize that I am guilty of performative allyship. However, throughout my time at the Timebank, they provided me with the skills I needed to start my journey working towards co-conspiratorship.

          One of my favorite parts of interning at the Timebank was connecting with all of the amazing Timebank members. The Timebank has such an incredible group of individuals working towards co-conspiratorship and abolitionist practices. These individuals create an amazing environment that truly helped me engage in important conversations about privilege, white supremacy and ways to put my thoughts into actions. I am so grateful for my time working with the Timebank staff and members. As I move on to getting my graduate degree and becoming a social worker, I will continue to use and build off of the skills and knowledge the Timebank provided me with.