Restorative Justice Hotline

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Posted: March 20, 2020

Beginning on March 25th the TimeBank Restorative Justice (RJ) team is offering a hotline phone service for community members to utilize if they are experiencing a difficult situation. Our RJ team can help facilitate restorative conversations and help connect people with community resources. If you are having difficulties with friends, family members, neighbors or anyone else, we can help talk you through the situation to reach an understanding. With a focus on healing and understanding we hope this service can be used as an alternative to police interaction. PLEASE NOTE: If you have an emergency please call 911. We are not emergency responders.

The hours for Hotline services will be between 4pm and 8pm Monday through Sunday. These hour may expand as more volunteers are trained. You can reach us by calling 1 866 758. 7887 .RJ practitioners Alexis and Kayasia will be available during these times to assist youth in having restorative conversations, completing follow up from previous interactions, and helping youth to meet their basic needs. There will also be a staff of volunteers working to meet the same needs for the rest of the community.