Black Restorative Justice Training Participants Celebrate Last Training with Lunches Provided by Timebank

  • Posted on: 26 April 2021
  • By: Mariah Kozmer

             For many years, the Dane County Timebank and La Follette High School have worked together to make restorative justice practices available for youth. Since police officers have been removed from MMSD schools, the Dane County Timebank and La Follette High School have been collaborating to expand the restorative justice program and bring community members along to support its growth. Recently, they have collaborated on a new exciting project that recruited Black community members for the Black Restorative Justice training to become volunteer mentors for Black youth in La Follette High School. Community members were asked to attend the Black Restorative Justice Workshop that was led by Black restorative justice practitioners. After completing this workshop, the community members would be eligible to mentor R Justice League Ambassadors. R Justice League Ambassadors are Black youth from La Follette High School that have been trained on abolitionist restorative justice practices to implement them within the school. It is essential that Black youth are leading the charge to shape what restorative justice looks like in La Follette High School. We want to remove the institutional racism, center the voices of Black students and create a school environment where Black youth feel safe and like their voices are heard. Having Black restorative justice mentors for youth creates a community of support to make the changes needed in La Follette High School. The Black Restorative Justice training created a space for not only teaching restorative justice skills, but also created discussion that was deeply meaningful and healing.  

             During two of the trainings, Timebank volunteers were able to provide and deliver lunches to each community member participating in the trainings. Unfortunately, due to Covid participants aren’t able to share a meal together, but we still wanted to provide a meal to celebrate their hard work and dedication to the community. We can all contribute something towards this project and help support both the Black Restorative Justice mentors and the R Justice League Ambassadors. Co-conspirators can do practical things like delivering lunches to help make their work easier. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities like this, please email