Restorative Justice

The Dane County TimeBank’s Restorative Justice work is centered around the belief that all people are interconnected and worthy. Grounded in the core values of timebanking - respect, assets, reciprocity,  social capital, and redefining work, we are able to both give and receive support through this project. Through restorative justice we celebrate and support one another in our communities, and when harm happens we address it as a community, in our communities, with the support of our communities.


Our overarching goals for our restorative justice work include:

  • To support and celebrate one another within our communities
  • To create spaces that remove barriers and move people towards mutual respect for one another
  • When harm happens, we address it as a community, in our communities, and with the support of our communities
  • To interrupt the cycle of harm

Our goals specifically associated with our work in the high schools include:

  • To team with schools to provide a continuum of restorative justice practices within the school to improve culture and climate and create healthy and safe schools
  • To tap into the vast number of resources within our community through the TimeBank to increase supports and resources for students and schools

The TimeBank currently partners to provide community-based restorative justice opportunities for youth in Madison, school-based restorative justice opportunities in five local high schools, and restorative justice opportunities for adults experiencing homelessness in our community. Our restorative justice work is on a continuum that ranges from proactive community building work to responsive practices that are utilized to address an incident of harm after it has occurred, such as through our youth courts and municipal diversion initiatives.

Through linking timebanking with restorative practices, we are able to be creative and nimble in how we build healthy relationships, address harm, and support one another in our schools and in our communities by tapping into the vast resources and experiences we have among us. Through connecting timebanking and restorative practices we are able to address unique individual needs, as well as tackle broader, more complex, community issues together - with everyone’s voice being heard and valued and with everyone involved being rewarded for the work they are contributing to strengthen, support, and heal our communities. Individuals, schools, and organizations - of all ages and all types - earn and spend timebank hours contributing to the project, creating an interconnected web of connection and support. For more information contact

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Madison Metropolitan School District - Cumulative Youth Court and Citation Data - 2008.09-2018.19 (Pdf, 330 Kb)