Dane County Timebank Community Helpline

The Dane County Timebank Community Helpline is relaunching on November 9th.

Call: 1-866-758-7887

This is not a crisis line, therefore if you or a loved one is in immediate danger calling 911 and talking with police may be necessary.                                                                               

The Dane County Timebank Community Helpline can be reached Monday through Friday, 4pm-8pm.


What is the Community Helpline?

The Community Helpline is a free and confidential resource that uses the power of restorative justice practices to offer open minded listening, practical support and referrals for Covid-19 resources. Helpline volunteers are experienced, well-trained and able to provide guidance.


What services does the Community Helpline offer?

COVID-19 Resources

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the helpline is providing up to date information on the resources available in Dane County. The helpline provides referrals to much needed COVID-19 resources like rent, mortgage, utilities relief, food, transportation and more. In addition, the helpline can provide referrals to local COVID testing locations.

Alternative to Calling 911

The helpline provides one-on-one conversations that allow callers to vent, destress, and reconnect. The helpline is a place to report racist abuses and violence experienced or witnessed in the community, in school or other places. The helpline also can be used as an alternative to calling 911 on people of color when that is not needed.

When racist violence has occurred the Timebank has a group called 100 Strong that is committed to responding to violence against Black people. Working collectively, we will descend on a location where violence occurs within 48 hours. The Black community deserves to feel the support of allies and co-conspirators, and it is up to us to make sure that this violence does not continue. This team will make sure that this violence is not ignored, silenced, or met with inaction. Using nonviolent direct action, abolitionist restorative justice, contemplative practices, de-escalation tactics, and other peacemaking skills, we will contribute to the movement for Black liberation in Madison.

Restorative Justice

The helpline offers continuity for youth currently involved with restorative justice. The Dane County TimeBank has been practicing restorative justice work in Dane County and within the schools. This work has included responsive restorative conversations that offer an anti-racist framework and restorative justice circles.  

Restorative Justice is a theory and practice of community-based approach to doing community building, responding when harm is caused or healing damaged relationships. This work is based on 360-degree accountability, mutual concern, dignity and respect. Grounded in the view that all members of a community are worthy and interdependent, the practice promotes community building, self-awareness, and empathy to create justice, equity and freedom. Through the creation of collective agreements people work to resolve conflict and respond to deep patterns of harm which are often grounded in historical, structural and physical racism and violence. 


Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers will need to complete the helpline orientation and the practice scenario trainings to begin volunteering. We are looking for volunteers that can make at least a 6-month commitment with the helpline. In addition, pick up 2-3 shifts a month.

If you would like to volunteer with the Helpline email tan.timebank@gmail.com for more information.

And help us spread the word by attending a Postcard Writing Party! More information can be found here.