Allied Community Coop

The Allied Community Coop is a project of residents of Madison's Allied Drive neighborhood and organizational partners, including Allied Wellness Center, Madison Apprenticeship Program, Allied-Dunns Marsh Neighborhood Association, Dunns Marsh Neighborhood Association, the Dane County TimeBank, and Nehemiah Corporation. The coop is bringing together neighbors and organizations who work in the neighborhood to work together as partners in identifying and creating resources and activities that people want for their community. Some of the projects the new coop has already helped facilitate are a container gardening project, a neighborhood theater project, Mothers in the Neighborhood group, PowerTime and PowerTime II energy conservation projects, and green carts selling fresh produce in this neighborhood without a grocery store.

Now the Coop is focused on responding to the lack of access to healthy food in the neighborhood, on the heels of losing Walgreen's years after the last full-service grocery store closed. We are facilitating ride-sharing to grocery stores and partnering with Willy Street Coop to create an Allied Drive buying club, leading into an exploration of creating our own neighborhood-owned grocery store and pharmacy.

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