Projects initiated through the Dane County TimeBank provide solutions for challenges identified by the community as unmet needs. Involvement with a community project is one way to make connections in the TimeBank, while supporting vital services. We encourage the participation of organizational and individual members in supporting these innovative projects. TimeBank staff are available for consultation to build similar initiatives in your community.

Restorative Justice

Dane County TimeBank and Restorative Justice 
The Dane County TimeBank has been practicing restorative justice work in Dane County and within the schools. This work has included responsive restorative conversations that offer an anti-racist framework and restorative justice circles.  
What is Restorative

Food Justice - Garden Project

The TimeBank's Garden Project was started in 2013, organized by a group of motivated TimeBank members interested in sharing time and resources to build gardens where ground was otherwise being unused - front yards, back yards, terrace areas, and other open space. The project aims to educate and engage our


Drivers for the TimeBank's transportation project help people needing rides to access safe transport. Rides can be for health related appointments, rides to food pantries or the grocery store, employment, social and recreational opportunities, errands and appointments, and more. Approved drivers receive

Transformative Action Network

What is the Transformative Action Network (TAN)? 
Transformative Action Network members are committed to co-conspirator abolitionist action, in line with restorative justice principles.  
By learning to relate effectively with racism and interrupt patterns of white supremacist culture, TAN members become

Mask Giveaways - A Covid-19 Response Project

Do you sew? We need your help! We know the impacts of Covid-19 are hitting black, brown, and poor communities the hardest. We’re aiming to get 500 masks made within the next few weeks to give away within these communities.
Please join us by either sewing masks, donating masks, or donating money to

Community Lab for Intentional Practice

The Lab is focused on providing an alternative community space for developing abolitionist, co-conspirator and restorative justice practices that eliminate racial disparities in Dane County and empower the voices of those most impacted. CLIP prioritizes expanding self-awareness and the ability to offer

Letter Writing Campaign to End Violence Against Black People

The Letter Writing Campaign to End Violence against Black People began as a response to lynching, incarceration and other forms of violence against Black people. It is a collaboration between the Transformative Action Network and Freedom Inc. Black people in Madison and beyond face a wide spectrum of

Dane County Timebank Community Helpline

The Dane County Timebank Community Helpline is relaunching on November 9th.
Call: 1-866-758-7887
This is not a crisis line, therefore if you or a loved one is in immediate danger calling 911 and talking with police may be necessary

100 Strong

What is 100 Strong?
100 Strong is an emerging group of activists committed to offering non-violent, direct and collective response to violence against Black people. Embracing ongoing creative, educational, and contemplative action, members are intentional about dismantling white supremacist culture through