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Timebanking 101

The TimeBank connects people and organizations in our community to help us meet our collective and individual needs by sharing our time and talents. Members use our exchange software to list goods and services that they have or need.

An interconnected community in which meaningful relationships drive collective change.

We also use Timebanking to facilitate projects to solve problems in our community. Youth Court, Front Yard Gardens and our Transportation Project are good examples of how much we can accomplish by harnessing the abundance of skills in our community.

Members use our trading software and have the opportunity to participate or even initiate TimeBank projects.

  • Members agree to exchange at the rate of one hour service = one timebank hour.
  • Either the recipient or provider of services can log the exchange in the TimeBank system using a computer or smart phone. When an exchange is recorded, the other member receives an email as confirmation. 
  • Members who do not use the internet can be matched with a "online member" to help them use the TimeBank system. 

Learn more about DCTB

  • Attend a TimeBank Event to meet other members and to learn about timebanking.
  • Check out the Dane County TimeBank in the News to learn more about our impact locally and how connecting people to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues throughout Dane County.

  • Ready to join the TimeBank?  Click here.

Dane County TimeBank:  Overview, By-laws, Vision

Annual Reports

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