Giving Tuesday - Big News

Hi TimeBankers.  I’m so thankful for this community!  


I have some great news to share and I am asking for your support on Tuesday.  Finally, after many years of planning and visioning, we are getting so close to moving in to our new space in the front of the building at the Social Justice Center on Williamson St!  We are pumped about all the ways timebanking values, goals, and plans intersect beautifully with the vision of the Social Justice Center and the exciting opportunities that will be flowing through the Mutual Aid Workspace.  “A vibrant hub of social justice activity, collaboration and activism” - yeah, we’re all about it!  There are many core partners in this endeavor and we are very much looking forward to being creative together to support our intersectionality and shared vision for the space.  We believe these shared visions will enhance and strengthen all of our work.


Construction is expensive and we’re in the middle of a collaborative crowdfunding campaign to help bring our vision to life.  You can help get us from a construction zone to a beautiful and inspiring shared work space!

For one day, facebook will match all funds raised during #givingtuesday.  To have your funds matched by facebook donate here on Tuesday, 11/20.


If you miss Giving Tuesday, don’t worry, you can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign anytime from now through Jan 2 here.


Here’s what TimeBank member and Social Justice Center Coordinator, Annie Kraus, has to say about the SJC, “*AIRHORN SOUNDS* Hi, I need ya. On Monday 11/19, we (the The Social Justice Center) launched a huge crowdfunding campaign. If you don't know, this is where I work. I love my job because I get to work with some of the most innovative, driven and hard-working people I have ever met. I get to work with organizations that fight for people, whose staff, members and volunteers believe that our community should take care of our own and confront injustices of all kinds. For years I obsessively tried to pin down which issues I cared about most and which solutions I felt were most urgent, as if that would help things feel less overwhelming. But here we are committed to being in it together and being creative rather than competitive because every cause, every struggle, every outrage is connected. 10 organizations under one roof - more on the way - we have the skills and human-power to bring orgs out of their silos to collaborate, create a radically inclusive learning community, and provide support systems for grassroots collective action. We need to raise $50,000 by the end of the year. This is an experiment in envisioning how organizations can sustain themselves outside of the so-called "nonprofit industrial complex" - we are asking regular people for support.  Please contribute what you can and share our campaign.”


More on the vision….


Vision of SJC:   The Social Justice Center aims to become a vibrant hub of social justice activity, collaboration and activism.  Our aim is to create an inspiring environment where tenants, community members and social justice groups can share space, share resources, and work together in support of the common good. The Social Justice Center is passionate about being an incubator space, a gathering space,an art space, a makers-space, a space to access resources, and a space where everyone is welcome and supported in their community.  For more on the Social Justice Center, here’s their website.


The Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW) will play a big part in bringing this vision to light and aims to be a hub of activity.  


The MAW at the Social Justice Center:  The Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW) at the Social Justice Center is a project of the Madison Mutual Aid Network Coop, of which the TimeBank is a founding member. The MAW is a coworking center designed to provide support and resources to help individuals and groups pursue their work in a community and incubator environment. Multiple partner organizations which share space and governance responsibilities include: Common Good Bookkeeping Cooperative, Wisconsin Empathy Guild, Madison InfoShop, Dane County TimeBank, Madison Cooperative Development Coalition, The Interpreters' Coop, and 608 Arts Collective.


The Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW) is the shared space resulting from identifying ways that current partner organizations could combine efforts to meet real space, equipment, and administration needs with less money and more effectiveness. It is a way to utilize mutual aid tools and co-create and manage things we need/have shared interest in, such as developing  tool and other types of swaps/timebank stores, sharing equipment and administration, facilitating robust time exchanges, increasing projects facilitated through timebanking, using software mapping and matching tools, and more. MAW also provides a consistent public presence through which to recruit and coordinate participants in growing communities of learning, practice, and exchange.  For more info, check out the website:


We at the TimeBank have tons of ideas brewing and can’t wait until construction is finished!  Based on the member survey results from last year, we’ll start off by having 40 hrs/week timebank coverage within the MAW.  We will focus on working to increase opportunities for members to connect, exchange, be creative, and be in community with others.


Thank you!  We appreciate your support.  Please give if you can. Happy timebanking!