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LaFollette Abolitionist Restorative Justice Update and Support Invitation

Hello friends, colleagues, and community. We're writing to update you about some concerning recent events and invite your input and support. We learned this week that all of our abolitionist restorative justice work at LaFollette High School has been "paused" by the Interim Principal, Mat Thompson. He is requesting we meet with him and the Chief of Secondary Schools before resuming our work in the building. We have not been given any information as to why our work is being paused other than the... [ more ]

Please sign the petition: Our students need your support

We need your help so students and families have choice. As the Delta variant of the coronavirus continues to cause widespread spikes in COVID cases with disproportionate impact on Black, Brown and poor communities, can we afford to only let 250 out of 27,000 students have access to virtual/remote learning? Whose lives matter?  Under-vaccination continues to be a predominant reality in Black, Brown, and poor communities. We need the provision of virtual seats to reflect the actual demands and... [ more ]

Celebrations and Transitions

Hi everyone. We wish you all a Happy Pride Month! We celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and their legacy of activism to make it safe for people to love who they love and to express their whole selves. At the start of this summer season, it may feel like time of transition; some of us are finishing the school year, some of us are trying things again for the first time since the pandemic started, and some of us are exploring how we can be in community together as things open up more. We want to... [ more ]

Open House!

Hello everyone! We hope you’re staying healthy and enjoying the springtime.    Open House!! Anti-Racism Circle 100 Strong Letter Writing Action Open House!! Please join us Saturday, May 22nd from 12-2 at James Madison Park Shelter for an Open House for the Transformative Action Network, Dane County TimeBank, and Restorative Justice Practitioners. As you know the Dane County TimeBank is in a period of transformation, as we explore deeper intersections of restorative justice, timebanking, and... [ more ]

The Big Share - March 2nd!

Hello friends, supporters, and change-makers! The Dane County TimeBank is excited to be part of Community Shares and The Big Share again this year on Tuesday, March 2nd. We need your help! Please help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 to support our Abolitionist Restorative Justice Project. Our focus this year is on increasing the number of Black Restorative Justice Practitioners and building our Black Youth Ambassador Core. Your support directly contributes to putting the power of... [ more ]

An Open Letter to Patrick Marsh Middle School and the Sun Prairie School Board

2/5/2021   For Immediate Release   An Open Letter to Patrick Marsh Middle School Administration and the Sun Prairie School Board:   We are 100 Strong, a group of anti-racist activists in Dane County. We denounce the racism that teachers carried out at Patrick Marsh Middle School in Sun Prairie. A group of teachers planned an assignment about ancient Mesopotamia and Hammurabi’s Code, which included a question that asked the 6th grade students how they would punish a slave. The community... [ more ]

Happy New Year

Hello all. Welcome to 2021. We hope you are staying safe and healthy. We’re living in a critical time and change is afoot. There is much work to do to eradicate racism and build new systems that enable justice to occur. We are committed to doing that work collectively, both internally and externally. Thank you for joining us. We want to express our appreciation and gratitude for your engagement and work towards our collective liberation.  As we move into 2021 we are committed and hopeful. We... [ more ]

2020 Year in Review

Hello! As we begin to wrap up the year we want to share some of our successes and highlights and express our deepest gratitude to you for engaging with us this year. In addition to the work you'll see in the following photos, we also want to share the wonderful news that we've been able to eliminate the requirement that people have to go through background checks to join the Timebank. We've been working on this for a long time and we are thrilled to eliminate this unnecessariy barrier to... [ more ]