Updating Your TimeBank Account


We'd like to share some suggestions on updating your account. The few minutes you take to do this will make the TimeBank work better for you and all of our members. The TimeBank is much more effective for everyone when everything is up to date! Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Quick Guide To Updating Your Account

- Under 'my account', click on 'offers and requests' and 'edit' to delete unwanted ads
- Revive expired ads (the ones with an 'x' by them) with 'edit' and changing the expiration date and clicking 'save and publish' on the bottom
- Create any new ads with 'list an offer/request' under your name on the right side

Make sure the info on your profile is up to date. Changes can be made under 'my account', 'my info'. And let other members know a little bit about you in the About Me box while you're in that section!

'Settings' is the section where you can add a picture (yourself, pet, plant, artwork, etc....). We've heard from many members that they're much more likely to respond to an ad with a picture!

That's it, thanks for making the TimeBank website more effective for everyone!

If you have questions or could use a hand with any of this, please contact Gary at gary@danecountytimebank.org


We'll also share our #1 tip on how to make the most of the TimeBank.
The TimeBank works best for members who are proactive and initiate contact with other members!
If you have a request, look under 'offers' and contact a member who might be able to help you (vice versa for your offers of course). There are likely members who can help you or be helped by you, but they won't see your ad to respond to it if they don't log onto the website for a while. This approach leads to quicker and more effective results for everyone!