Timebanking with Intentionality

Hi everyone! 


We have a lot of great work going on and plenty of updates included here. 

  1. Urgent Request
  2. New Features and Ways to Stay Connected
  3. Our Racial Justice Lens
  4. New Restorative Justice Hotline
  5. Drivers needed

    Urgent Request

    Organizational member, Second Harvest Foodbank, anticipates needing help to distribute 100,000 boxes of food to those facing hunger in southwestern Wisconsin in the next 6 to 8 weeks. They are calling this their “Care Box campaign.” In order to achieve this unprecedented feat, they need volunteers. Please jump in and help if you can. See more here. https://danecountytimebank.org/exchange/support-packaging-food-students


    New Features and Ways to Stay Connected

    Our new member sign-up and orientation process is fully transitioned to phone, zoom or video series. You can use a zoom orientation or get help over the phone if you need a refresher on: how to log in, post listings, conduct a search, set up an exchange, or record exchanges. We have new features to help make timebanking more efficient: alerts, bookmarks, subscriptions, ability to join a project, and more.  


    Interested in joining a zoom refresher? Pop over to our events page and rsvp to one that works for you. Forget how to make a listing?  Check out the new how to video under our FAQS.

    Our Racial Justice Lens

    Over the last few months, Damita, our Restorative Justice Director and I have been discussing how to implement the TimeBank’s strategic framework centering anti-racism. We are developing a firm racial justice stance as an organization. 


    We know that COVID-19 will further exacerbate the disparities that already exist within our communities. What does timebanking through a racial justice lens look like? I discuss this question and others in a recent video update and Damita addresses it in her blog titled Choosing Liberation. Members can engage in this work by joining the Transformative Action Network.


    Transformative Action Network 

    (TAN) This Network, under the leadership of the TAN Coordinating Committee (Damita Brown, Ryan Ekholt, Marin Smith, Gretchen Trast and Shayne Gerberding) explores ways to end racism and interrupt patterns of white supremacist culture. TAN is also working with Freedom Inc. on the End Violence Against Black Children Taskforce. The first joint action is a letter writing campaign. You can read about this effort on their blog, Ending Violence Against Black Children

    New Restorative Justice Hotline

    Our Restorative Justice Team has  launched a Restorative Justice Hotline for community members to utilize if they are experiencing a difficult situation.1-866-RJustUs/1-866-758-7887. Restorative Justice Coordinators, Alexis Gardner and Kayasia Blake, along with trained community members, are staffing the hotline Monday-Sunday from 4-8pm. The next opportunity for volunteers to learn to staff the line will be Wednesday, April 15 from 5 to 7 pm via Zoom. Email Shaynegerberding1@gmail.com for more info, and check the events page to rsvp.

    Drivers needed

    The Transportation project is focusing on coordinating rides to pick up and drop off groceries, food, essential supplies, and medication at this time. We’re currently building our driving pool. If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a driver, please subscribe to the Transportation project or reach out to Ryan Eykholt, Ryan@danecountytimebank.org to learn more. 

    Thank you for timebanking with intentionality. Together we can create a more just community.

    Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer
    Executive Director