TimeBank Update - Responding To Coronavirus Impacts

Hello all,

In these uncertain times we will continue to love and support one another. 

The TimeBank will continue to stay focused on our mission of connecting people in sharing time and talents to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues throughout Dane County and our vision of creating an interconnected community in which meaningful relationships drive collective change. We will center racial, restorative, and economic justice in our work. We will get through this together.

  1. TimeBank transitions in response to Coronavirus
  2. Projects
  3. Member Coordinators Needed!
  4. Transportation Project Update
  5. Mutual Aid Networks Project Update

    TimeBank transitions in response to Coronavirus

    In response to the impact of the coronavirus, Timebank is transitioning to be able to meet the needs of our members remotely. Here are some things to look for in the next few days:

    • An expedited sign up proces
    • The transition from one-on-one in person new member orientations to online videos, zoom, and over the phone orientation options
    • A series of new videos including: how to videos to help people navigate the site, get tips for successful exchange making, and learn about current projects (many with Spanish versions)
    • Our restorative justice team will launch a Restorative Justice Hotline beginning March 25th that people can use to get support and learn about resources​


    New project management/project page functionality that will help us build, organize, and communicate creatively and efficiently. 

    Our current "subscribable" projects are:

    • Transportation Project

    • ​Restorative Justice 

    • Mutual Aid Networks​

    To get started, log in and then visit https://danecountytimebank.org/projects

    Click "Subscribe to group" on the projects that interest you.


    Member Coordinators Needed!

    Members interested in doing timebank orientations for new members either over the phone or by hosting group zoom orientations should contact Araceli Esparza. araceli@danecountytimebank.org

    Transportation Project Update

    Through our Transportation Project, we address community needs and provide transportation for under-served or resource-challenged populations, such as seniors, people with disabilities, and individuals who live on low incomes. TimeBank members have the opportunity to help neighbors get to dialysis and medical appointments, grocery stores and food pantries, employment, and more. 

    These needs are continuing and increasing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. We are staying up to date on CDC guidelines, prioritizing essential trips, and making sure drivers and riders are safe. Our priority is to make sure we have enough drivers to help people get to their dialysis appointments and other resources if they don't have other transportation options. 

    We are looking to expand our pool of approved drivers to best accommodate ride requests. We are looking for any support we can get, and are hoping to develop a schedule of drivers who can be on call. Please consider filling out an application to be a TimeBank approved driver. If you or someone you know is not yet a TimeBank-approved driver but wants to get involved, email ryan@danecountytimebank.org or call 608-561-2194 for a driver application and share your availability for a Zoom or phone call orientation. Thank you. 

    Video Update

    Mutual Aid Networks Project Update

    Current efforts to address the coronavirus outbreak using community based mutual aid tools.

    Video Update

    Please take this time to update your accounts and post some listings. Timebanking is nimble and so are we. We will do all of our work in alignment with our values and through a racial, restorative, and economic justice lens. Let’s get creative together and take care of one another.

    Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days.

    In solidarity,


    Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer
    Executive Director
    Dane County TimeBank