Thank You and There's Still Time to Give


Hello TimeBankers! A huge thank you to everyone who gave during The Big Share on Tuesday. We raised $2915 and had 45 donors contribute to our restorative justice work. If you were unable to give yesterday, you're in luck! Community Shares is keeping things open for another week.

The TimeBank had a goal of raising $5000. We can still get there with your help. Small donations do big things. If every member contributed $1 we would make it! If 100 members contributed $20.85 we would make it! If you haven't contributed, we would love your support.

Our youth court project kept 225 youth out of the justice system last year. Your contribution goes towards building healthy communities that support our young people. Your contribution invests in their brilliance, in their potential, and in their future. 

This project is big. This work is big. It's about how we support each other as a community, how we care for one another in community, and how we are accountable to each other when things go wrong.

Through this project, we are making change. There is a shift towards dialogue, connection, and opportunities for growth. There's a movement towards empathy building, mutual accountability, and healing. You can join us in this movement. Your contribution helps us support youth rather than punish them. Your contribution shows youth they have value, that we believe in them, that everyone makes mistakes, and that their lives matter. Youth our our future. Let's support them together.

Please give if you can. Click below to help us reach our goal. It's quick and easy!