Support the Mutual Aid Workspace

Hi Timebankers! As many of you know, the TimeBank is an active partner in the Mutual Aid Network and in the work happening in the Mutual Aid Workspace in the Social Justice Center. It's a beautiful space and a beautiful partnership. The Mutual Aid Workspace is looking for sponsors, members, and support. Please consider joining or contributing to make the space accessible to everyone who wants to help make the world a better place. Here's a request from our friends at the Mutual Aid Network.

Dear friend,

We’re excited to report that the Mutual Aid Workspace (the MAW) at the Social Justice Center is becoming an energized center for dreaming, cooperation, and building our commons.

We’re also happy to be connecting with lots of varied people and communities. There are transformational projects being developed every day, yet many of the people using the space are short on access to money.

As friends who have been interested in and supportive of the Madison MAN Cooperative and, by extension, the MAW, I’d like to ask you to help us by sponsoring a membership for someone who wants one and has limited access to money.

$50/month sponsors a business-day membership

$200/month sponsors one organization’s Community Partnership

Any amount donation helps us get on our feet!      

Join or sponsor a member  here.

Donate to the MAW here