Hello Timebankers! Thank you all for engaging with us in so many ways over the past few months. 


As you know, we have been setting the direction and developing projects and activities within the TimeBank that center racial and restorative justice. We've got ongoing work to do as individuals and as a community to disrupt, dismantle, reimagine, and build together. We continue to center, support, and follow Black leadership as we come together to work towards liberation. 


In the coming months we will begin to look deeper within our own organization and explore specifically naming racial and restorative justice in our mission, vision, and values statements. An anti-racist timebank grounded in restorative justice will be a powerful tool and resource for growing, healing, connecting, building, and transforming as a community. We continue to hold ourselves accountable to this commitment.


Our staff is seeing an inspiring level of participation within our projects, circles, workshops, trainings, and events. We’ve had many new members join us. Our increase in membership, engagement, and exchange activity is directly related to our focus on anti-racism work. That tells us that we, as a community, understand the need to dig in to this work and look deeply at racism and all the ways it shows up within ourselves, in our relationships, within our institutions and organizations, throughout our systems, and throughout our culture. Thank you for your commitment to this ongoing work. We can transform. We can create a culture of freedom. The TimeBank staff continues to be committed to providing practical ways that members and supporters can engage in this work with us. 

  1. Engagement, Exchanges, and Summer Highlights
  2. Upcoming Events
  3. Featured Event - Transportation Project Driver Meetup
  4. Featured Event - Community Helpline Orientation

    Engagement, Exchanges, and Summer Highlights

    Welcome to all of our new members. We’ve engaged more than 170 new people through our website in the past two months. Many people have connected through their participation in our abolitionist restorative justice workshops, our anti-racism activities, or our community events. Some folks have donated (thank you!!), some have become exchanging members, and some are in the orientation process now and will soon be members. We’ve been more active with our social media accounts and our Facebook page engagement has grown 400%. In our facebook group we are challenging people to post their weekly anti-racist action to be in solidarity with the restorative justice work that is being done, check it out and follow us on facebook if you haven’t yet. If you’re interested in earning TimeBank hours helping with our social media, please connect with


    Check out member offers and requests and make an exchange if you're able. Please list your offers and requests so folks can match up and support one another. If you need a refresher on how to make a listing, log hours, etc, check our faq video tutorials. You may find what you need there. We have seen a surge in requests from our elder community, please check in and see how you can help. The offers this month are a great range of tech skills and high level car maintenance. Take a peek. We have received word that many area mothers are in need of childcare and tutoring so if you are interested and experienced in those areas please consider offering that support. We also are looking for project support and participation through the Transportation Project (drivers needed) and the Community Helpline Project (people to staff the helpline, conduct outreach, and other logistical support). See the featured events for more info on connecting with those projects and offering your support.


    The following shows what members have been up to over the past few months.


    *4 misc exchanges for 16.5 hours = sharing dvds, garden coaching, companionship, and fixing lamps



    Upcoming Events

    We have a lot of events on the calendar. Check out our events page to learn more about our next monthly Community Lab for Intentional Practice on the 17th, 100 Strong  also on the 17th, another Abolitionist Restorative Justice Orientation on the 18th, a Abolitionist Restorative Justice Follow Up Session on the 20th, a Transportation Project Orientation and Driver Meet Up on the 25th (featured event), our monthly Restorative Anti-Racism Circle on Aug 26th, the next Letter Writing Campaign to End Violence Against Black People on the 27th (happens every other Thursday), and a Community Helpline Orientation and Training on Sept 8 (featured event).

    Featured Event - Transportation Project Driver Meetup

    Driver Meetup and Orientation

    Tuesday August 25th, 7:00 - 8:00pm 


    Join this community effort to find creative solutions to overcoming transportation barriers in Dane County. Attend this Zoom gathering to learn about Dane County Timebank’s Transportation Project and how we are adapting to help meet transportation needs during COVID-19. 

    Finding transportation to medical appointments is a big need in the community at the moment. We are especially looking for people who would be able to safely drive people to appointments. During this Zoom call, we will explain protocols for how to transport people safely. There are additional opportunities for drivers who are unable to transport passengers, such as delivering groceries. 

    If you’re a healthy, insured driver with a vehicle and a few free hours each week, you can make a big difference in our community by safely driving people to medical appointments and/or making deliveries of groceries. 

    Please RSVP for the event here

    Please email if you have any questions, or if you want to get involved with the project but aren't available for the meetup. 

    Featured Event - Community Helpline Orientation

    Community Helpline Orientation - 9/8 from 6-8pm via zoom. 


    We need your help to make the Community Helpline a thriving and sustainable resource for our community. We are looking for support from people to continue offering this tremendously valuable resource. This project is supported by Transformative Action Network and TimeBank Restorative Justice staff. Transformative Action Network members are individual community members committed to co-conspirator abolitionist action, in line with restorative justice principles. Please join us. Please register in advance. We're excited to get together and discuss and build the project with all of you.

    As always, thank you for being part of the TimeBank community and thank you for your commitment to transformation, growth, and liberation.