With Spring comes Change and New Growth

Hi!  With Spring in full swing, the TimeBank staff is growing and transitioning.  Bunny B, who has been coordinating our Transportation Project since 2016, is moving on to a new adventure and will be transitioning out of her staff role at the end of June.  Bunny was a TimeBank member long before she joined our staff and she plans to continue participating as an active member. I look forward to making some gardening exchanges with her soon!  We wish her the best of luck in her new endeavour and we are thankful for her leadership and dedication to the project.


As a result, the TimeBank is hiring! Interested in helping to coordinate our transportation project? You're in luck, we're looking for a Transportation Coordinator! 20 hours/week, $18/hr. Monday through Friday, 4 hours per day. The TimeBank transportation project aims to create pools of drivers who are interested in helping members with various types of transportation needs including rides to medical appointments, restorative justice and youth court related rides, social/recreational rides, errands, rides to work, and more. Here's a link to the job description/announcement.  Please feel free to share. https://danecountytimebank.org/sites/danecountytimebank.org/files/transportation_job_description-final_2.pdf


Additionally, we would like to share our deepest thanks and appreciation to Brittany McKennie and Tierra Merritt, who have been coordinating our community-based youth court sites in part time roles for the past few years.  Their leadership and passion helped us get this initiative off the ground. With the continued growth of our community-based initiative, the TimeBank found the need to adjust our staffing structure to best accommodate our changing needs.  We will be transitioning from three very part time positions to one full time position in June.


We are thrilled to have Alexis Gardner stepping into the full time community-based Youth Court Coordinator role.  Alexis started with us as a juror at LaFollette High School when we launched our first school youth court. She has been in a part time Youth Court Coordinator role since 2016.  We’re excited to have her grow into this new position.


These changes, while difficult, will bring new opportunity and new growth for our TimeBank.  We are planning for smooth transitions for both positions with plenty of overlap time to help people get oriented and comfortable in their new roles.  Stay tuned.


In other news:


A big thanks to everyone who came out to Sharefest.  It was a beautiful day and we had about 150 people come through.  We signed up many new members on the spot. Look for them and connect with them!


You may have noticed that our website is looking better and better.  Big thanks to everyone on our tech team who is working on that. Keep your eye out, we’re making more improvements as we speak.  You may have noticed that many old offers and requests are now expiring. We’ve capped the expiration date on all offers and requests at 1 year in an effort to keep things more current.  At some point in June, everything on the site will be no more than 1 year old. Please consider adding some fresh offers and requests if you haven’t in awhile. Check out the offers and requests and make a new match today!


Thanks to all of you.  Keep connecting.