Solidarity and Action

  1. Dane County TimeBank Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Action for George Floyd
  2. Opportunities for Action

    Dane County TimeBank Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Action for George Floyd

    When we think about the brutal police murder of George Floyd, we cannot help imagining the heartbreak and outrage his family must feel. We cannot help but wonder what was going through the mind of that nine year old black girl who watched as it happened. We stand with his family and all the people suffering so deeply because of this senseless loss of life. We stand with Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Tony Robinson. And we stand committed to ending every white supremacist structure, practice and process that permits this violence to be waged against the Black community.

    Many of us have been out in the streets of Madison the last several days in solidarity with others -- with them in grief, anger, and demands for justice and transformation. We realize that taking action now is pivotal in proclaiming the humanity of us all, especially those in the black community who live under the constant threat of violence.

    As an organization committed to neighbors helping neighbors, the Timebank understands the need to take consistent and ongoing action to make sure Black Lives Matter. We are committed to speak out when we see injustice. We value people over property. As an organization focused on restorative and economic justice, we recognize that to truly be just and restorative we must look at the way violence is perpetuated systematically. We must look at the big picture when we talk about harm, accountability, and violence if we want transformation.

    We stand with community organizations like Freedom Inc, Urban Triage, and the Party for Social Liberation who are taking the lead to organize for Black liberation. We support and celebrate the youth leadership, action, and commitment to end this violence. We must stand with them, listen to their demands, and lift their voices.  Too often young people's ideas, energy and organizing capacity is overlooked. In this move to build solidarity for our collective future, every voice must matter. We must listen and we must act. 

    Our projects focus on racial and restorative justice. We invite the larger community to join us in this work. Please join us in our call to end the violence caused by white supremacist culture. Join us in this commitment to action. Join us in transformative practice. For more information about our current projects please visit our website,, email us at, or call our Community Helpline at 1-866-758-7887.  

    In love, power and solidarity,

    Dane County Timebank Staff

    Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, Executive Director

    Dr. Damita Brown, Restorative Justice Director

    Alexis Gardner, Restorative Justice Coordinator

    Kayasia Blake, Restorative Justice Coordinator

    Araceli Esparza, Communications and Exchange Coordinator

    Ryan Eykholt, Transportation Coordinator

    Opportunities for Action

    Please join us in taking action to end the violence caused by white supremacist culture. You can earn timebank hours for your time participating in this critical work. Here are some opportunities to learn, grow, and take action.

    Dane County TimeBank is a movement to connect people in sharing time and talents to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues throughout Dane County. Our staff's goal is to ensure an organizational wide awareness of the need to center racial and restorative justice in our work and provide practical ways to directly address the undeniable racism that exists in our systems and structures. Please join us in the fight for justice. The time for action is now. It's time to fight for a better world.

    See you in the streets,

    TimeBank Staff