Hello! Happy summer. As I sit at the beach I’m noticing the ripples in the water. It reminds me of timebanking.

When we make TimeBank exchanges and share our time supporting each other, we produce a grassroots ripple effect of engagement and support within the community that brings us together and makes us stronger. Through timebank exchanges we begin to connect with one another in ways that ripple throughout Dane County. Promoting the idea that, “We have what we need if we use what we have.” – Timebank USA founder Edgar Cahn.

A TimeBank member teaches a class to seniors for a local church that is an organizational member. That member needs her roof re-shingled so finds someone in the TimeBank who earns hours repairing the roof. The roofer is planning a vacation and utilizes another TimeBank member for pet care while he’s away. The pet sitter spends some hours practicing Spanish with a member who is a high school student. The student is interested in social justice and earns hours participating as a juror for the youth court program. The youth court spends hours having someone mentor a participating youth. The mentor needs help cleaning their house and hooks up with a member for cleaning work. The cleaner needs help with transportation to work and finds a driver through the transportation project. The driver is the caregiver for a family member and is looking for support. Someone who loves going to the movies matches up with the driver and provides respite by taking their family member on movie outings. The family member loves shoveling and connects with someone who needs help with snow removal. That person loves cooking and provides cooked meals for a busy family down the street. And on and on and on.

Through being the catalyst for some of these ripples, the Dane County TimeBank has grown into a valuable tool in helping filling gaps in our community’s support network. To date, timebank hours have been used to reward participants in restorative justice youth courts, community wellness activities, garden projects, transportation support, energy projects, efforts to reduce the social isolation of people with disabilities, and more. If you value the connections you’ve made in the community through timebanking, if you’ve benefitted from service provided by your neighbors either through a neighbor to neighbor exchange or through a project, now would be a great time to express your appreciation. All you need to do to make a secure online gift is go to and select your donation type and amount on the left side under “recent exchanges”. Your gift of support will help keep the ripples expanding in ever-widening circles of support.

Thanks in advance for investing in your TimeBank and keep connecting!

Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer

Executive Director