Mutual Aid Workspace and the Polar Plunge

We want to let you know about a couple of upcoming events.

The Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW) at the Social Justice Center is a new coworking and collaboration space. Join us for our opening day celebration and learn what's going on and how you can join in. It's at SJC this Sunday (the 20th) from 12-6pm.

The TimeBank will be doing our 2nd Polar Plunge fundraiser. We'll be diving into Lake Waubesa on Saturday, February 16th. For those of you who want to knock a polar plunge off your bucket list, this is your opportunity!

Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW)

The MAW aims to show abundance through cooperation and improve our individual and collective quality of life while we build a human-scaled neighborly economy - doing the work we really want to do, and providing what our communities really want and need. You're invited to join us and celebrate on Sunday, January 20th, from 12-6pm. We'll have food and drinks, a kid-friendly space, and a workshop/discussion schedule which you can see on the following link along with more info.

Polar Plunge

The TimeBank will be diving into the polar plunge fundraiser once again (Saturday, Febraury 16th at Christy's Landing on Lake Waubesa). We're looking for some brave souls to join us in taking the plunge to help raise funds for the TimeBank. A great way for organizations to get a team together to chill out, too! You can join the team at by clicking the "join team" link.  For those of you who may want to support the cause while staying warm and comfy at the same time, the same link above will also lead you to the "give now" button to donate to any member of Team TimeBank. More info can be seen at

We hope you can dive into one or both of these great events!

Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, Executive Director

Gary Messinger, Community Outreach Coordinator