Mutual Aid Solidarity Sprint

Hi TimeBankers! Our friends and members in the Mutual Aid Network are working hard to make this world a better place. There are a lot of upcoming events for learning and building community, including the launch of the Solidarity Sprint. 

Please join us as we begin a month-long Mutual Aid Solidarity Sprint tour from right here in Madison, and explore how mutual aid can help our local businesses, organizations, and neighbors thrive. Hosted by our local Madison Mutual Aid Network cooperative.

We’ll be joined by solidarity economy practitioners from UK, New Zealand, and around our own country and community.

Check out the events page for all the details on the following upcoming events and join us on Friday for a celebration of Sina Davis and her vast contribution to collaboration and community building!

Thursday August 22 Mutual Aid in Enterprise - Vision to Action


Thursday, August 22, 8-11pm Solidarity Spring Kick Off Party at the Crucible with Ladyscissors and the Hasbians


Friday August 23 - HUMANs (Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks) Annual Membership Meeting


Friday August 23 - Celebration of Sina Davis and Solidarity roundtable


Then some of us will hit the road for a month to learn deeply, and we’ll come back in late September to start implementing whatever we collectively choose.

Friday September 27 - Madison MAN (Mutual Aid Network) Cooperative First General Membership Meeting

We'll report back from the road for the first half of our gathering, then give an overview of the Madison MAN Cooperative's current projects and governance, and elect our Board of Directors (current Directors are signers of the Articles of Incorporation). Interested in running? Reply to this email.

Yes, that's a lot. Hope to see you at some of it!

Take care,

Stephanie Rearick

Director, Madison MAN Cooperative; Founder HUMANs global cooperative network; Founder Dane County TimeBank