Madison Mutual Aid Network launch party! Wed. Dec. 13, 6-8pm @ Art In

Madison Mutual Aid Network Cooperative

Launch Party!

Wednesday, December 13, 6-8pm

at Art In, 1444 E. Washington  –  ?s (608)443-8229


Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and low-key fun, along with a little (brief!) information about the structure, goals, and plans of the Madison Mutual Aid Network Cooperative.


We’ll have ways for you to join the new cooperative, offer your skills, talents, money, or other contributions, and find ways it can benefit you. We’ll start to build the actionable connections that will help each of us better fulfill a variety of needs in our lives and for our projects – and have fun doing it!


And special request for DCTB members - want to help make hors d'oeuvres? We're offering timebank hours!


Mutual Aid Networks are novel networked cooperatives that ‘create means for everyone to discover and succeed in work they want to do, with the support of their community.’


Born from a project of the Dane County TimeBank, and building on the legacy of Madison HOURS local currency and many formal and informal cooperative projects around the world, Mutual Aid Networks connect timebanking, shared resources (like tool libraries, commons gardens, shared laundry facilities, makerspaces, etc), pooled money, and other forms of mutual credit and free exchange to support each other doing the work we want to do —  in our professional lives, family lives, communities, and personal lives. And valuing leisure! And education! And care, investment in the future, environmental regeneration, sustainable and accessible building, and on and on. We can use existing tools and new technologies to build a healthier prosperity this way, and it can unleash forces of problem solving and collaboration that we haven’t yet seen.


People around the world have created similar networks, which are coming together in a global cooperative network, Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs) to make a new neighborly and regenerative global economy. Help us make it happen here.

Come for the whole thing if you can, but if you can only stop in please do…