It's Time for Action

Hello. Welcome to all of our new members. There have been more than 45 new people that have joined us in the past month. Below is a little more about us for folx who are new to us. Right off the top, the Dane County Timebank staff and board are committed to facilitating exchanges and coordinating projects through a racial and restorative justice lens. Check out this excellent co-conspirators checklist created by members of the Transformative Action Network.

Timebanks are grassroots, diy exchange networks. They are social safety nets that build our support systems, reduce social isolation, and bring people together. Timebanks are neighbors helping neighbors. It's a time exchange, where people offer their time in service of others and receive things in return. Here's more about how it works.

Timebanking through a racial and restorative justice lens means centering our exchanges and organizing efforts around the voices and leadership of folks most directly impacted by the undeniable racism that exists in our systems and structures. Timebanking through a racial justice lens means centering our exchanges and organizing efforts around the voices and leadership of folks most directly impacted by the undeniable racism that exists in our systems and structures. It means working towards repair through our actions and exchanges and committing to the internal work needed to learn, grow, and decolonize our minds. It means breaking the silence and truth and reconciliation. 

Our staff is committed to having ongoing practical ways members and the community can engage in this work and you’ll see that reflected in our projects. Engage in them. Write a letter. Attend a Community Lab For Intentional Practice. Participate in an Anti-Racism Circle. Join the Transformative Action Network. Learn about Abolitionist Restorative Justice. This is ongoing work for all of us, our organization included. We are continuing to learn, grow, build, and examine the ways we work and organize to ensure this lens is used throughout our organization and that we are accountable to it organization-wide in all that we do.

  1. Timebank Staff Video Release
  2. Request for Support in Ending Violence Against Black People
  3. Events, Actions, and Learning Opportunities
  4. Mask Giveaway Update

    Timebank Staff Video Release

    Our team at the Dane County Timebank released this video. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what restorative justice is. It’s important to talk about that. Take a look. We address that and much more about what we see in our communities, where we want change and transformation, and how we all need to be accountable to each other to get there. We have an amazing staff. Kayasia Blake, Alexis Gardner, Ryan Eykholt, Araceli Esparza, Damita Brown, and Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer. Please take a look and share within your networks.

    Request for Support in Ending Violence Against Black People

    We must all be responsible for ending violence against our Black neighbors. Check out Restorative Justice Director, Damita Brown’s open letter. We are committed to following the lead of those most impacted by this violence, specifically Black youth, parents, and community members, as we work together to demand change now. With multiple projects running through the Timebank and the Transformative Action Network to provide abolitionist restorative justice, anti-racism work, community education, and opportunities for engagement and action steps people can take to move us towards the transformation we want to see, we need your help to continue building momentum, organizing, and demanding justice now. Please fill out this quick doodle form if you’re interested in connecting to a support team to help with this work. There are many things we can do right now to support this work and fight for liberation. You will earn timebank hours for your time. Please join us if you are able.

    Events, Actions, and Learning Opportunities

    There is so much happening as we continue to build and push for change. Keep an eye on our events page and follow us on facebook. You can join our facebook group if you haven’t already. You’ll find our actions and events posted in both of those places. Also check out DCTB in the Media under news and events on our website for links to videos and podcasts. There are some wonderful political education pieces to check out including: SHIFT the NARRATIVE, Seeding Sovereignty  - A live series dedicated to Indigenous political engagemen, as well as several political education discussions including: Queer Power Rising, In Defense of Black Lives, and Racial Justice Roundtable

    Mask Giveaway Update

    Finally, a big thank you to everyone who helped with the Mask Giveaway project. We had a goal of getting 500 masks to Black, Latinx, and Native folx. We have given away over 925 masks in the past few weeks at Woodman’s West, Luna’s Grocery, Juneteenth Celebration and March to Freedom, and other protests and rallies organized by Black youth. Thank you to the mask makers, the folx who donated money, the groups that donated masks, and our staff who handed them all out. What a treat to work together to help protect our communities. Thank you. 

    There are a lot of opportunities to learn, grow, and take action. The movement needs all of us. Please join us.