Help build Mutual Aid Networks for Madison and the world

Hello TimeBank members,

Many of you know me as the Founder and former Co-Director of the Dane County TimeBank. During that time I was working on a Research and Development project which has now turned into Mutual Aid Networks - or MANs - a way to redesign work through connecting timebanking, commons building, common money stewardship, and cooperative ownership.

We're making a Mutual Aid Network here in Madison, and we expect it to make your timebanking experience better and more valuable in addition to connecting you with additional kinds of resources, and amazing people from around the world.

We're also connecting many MAN pilot sites from around the world in our own network of mutual aid, a global cooperative incorporated here in Wisconsin. We're calling that Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks (HUMANs)*.

I'm writing to invite you to be involved in 2 different ways:

  1. Madison MAN planning process - Every Monday we have a discussion from 4-7pm at Horizon Co-working, 7 N. Pinckney 3rd floor back conference room. Some are fairly open, others have specific goals or agendas. Check the calendar at for details. If you can't make the whole meeting, you're welcome to come for the 4-6 slot or the 5:30-7 slot. We'll make sure each segment can stand alone.

  2. Help us host! Offer homestays, logistical support, help with food, help with transportation and earn hours for your help. You can log them in Dane County TImeBank or in the HUMANs global network. It's all a way to experiment with what will work best for what purposes, and we'll help you make it work. Email me to let me know if you're interested, and how you'd like to help.

Exciting stuff! I hope you can participate.

Thanks for your participation! We've learned a lot from our experience together and hope to apply that now to making it work more effectively for everyone.

Take care,

Stephanie Rearick


* We recently changed the name of the Main MAN to HUMANs.