Happy Spring

Hello Timebankers!  Thanks to everyone who contributed to The Big Share Campaign.  We raised $4250 from 63 donors to support our restorative justice work!  That’s $1400 more than last year.  We’re thrilled.  Thanks to TimeBank members Brooks and Amy for their work on our youth court video.

We also had a great turn out for our Circle Up event last month.  The film was phenomenal and prompted an engaging and important discussion around what is and what isn’t restorative justice, how do we as a community determine who was harmed in a situation and is everyone held accountable equally for the harm they cause?  How do you address youth accountability within the context of structural and systemic racism?  What is the role of law enforcement in local restorative justice processes?  Big questions.  We’re looking forward to continuing this ongoing community dialogue.  Thanks to Julie Malozzi and everyone who participated on the panel.  Thanks to our Co-Sponsors for your support in putting on the event and pushing this work forward. 

For more information on our restorative justice work check out our project here: https://danecountytimebank.org/projects/youth-court-restorative-justice

Our next monthly event is a Community Wellness Fair! April 28th from 3-8:30 at the Wilmar Neighborhood Center. 953 Jenifer St.

Join the Madison Area Wellness Collective (MAWC), UW-ADEPT, the Dane County TimeBank, and NPO UNI at our Community Wellness Fair -- It's An Experience, Not An Expo!

See Event Website: https://mawcfair.weebly.com
See Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/141984173299179/

See TimeBank Event needs: https://danecountytimebank.org/event/community-wellness-fair-%E2%80%9Cit%E2%80%99s-experience-not-expo%E2%80%9D

At this event you’ll experience movement workshops, educational workshops, activity stations, body work, and more.  We’re looking for help with set up, clean up, greeting people, and help with food.  Please click here: https://danecountytimebank.org/exchange/helpers-community-wellness-fair to learn more.

In other news, we've made it easier to search Offers and Requests. And, you can now save your favorite searches and receive an email notice whenever anybody posts a listing that matches your search. Pretty Cool!  Check it out at: https://danecountytimebank.org/search/exchange 

Stay tuned for more new helpful tech updates, including project pages, affiliations, teams, an events calendar, and more.  We’re working hard to make the website easy and convenient to use. As always, if you need assistance, feel free to call our office at 608-663-0400.  We’re happy to help.

Thanks for all of your contributions and exchanges.  Happy spring!

Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer