Happy Birthday, Dane County TimeBank!

Happy Birthday Dane County TimeBank!


Let’s celebrate!  Join us at the Social Justice Center Open House on 10/20 from 7-10 pm. 





On 10/20 the TimeBank becomes a teenager! That's right, we're celebrating 13 years of neighbors helping neighbors! We have a ton to celebrate including (but not limited to):


-The 3 year anniversary of our work on the community restorative justice collaboration with YWCA and Briarpatch Youth Services. In the past 3 years, 1350 kids have gone through rj as an alternative to the traditional system. That's 80% of all the tickets issued and a whole lot of kids not ending up in the system! 


-Successfully removing officer discretion in the youth court referral process for school based youth courts. This eliminates a bias point in decision making that directly impacts the school to prison pipeline. Now all kids can choose to go through youth court! Yay!


-Over 1000 youth have gone through our youth court program and successfully avoided an arrest.


-We've done over 2000 rides to medical appointments!


-Over 4000 exchanges focused on building natural support networks for people with disabilities.


-Nearly 2500 exchanges at the timebank store.


-And much, much more!


Come and learn about what else we're up to and learn about all the exciting things happening at the Social Justice Center.  We are pumped about all the possibilities for collaboration and resource sharing.  Renovations at the SJC are halfway done, and the second half begins next week! We are excited to show you what the new home of the Tenant Resource Center looks like, where the TimeBank’s new office will be, and share our vision for the Mutual Aid Workspace (the MAW).  


The Social Justice Center aims to become a vibrant hub of social justice activity, collaboration and activism. Our aim is to create an inspiring environment where tenants, community members and social justice groups can share space, share resources, and work together in support of the common good. The Social Justice Center is passionate about being an incubator space, a gathering space, an art space, a makers space, a space to access resources, and a space where everyone is welcome and supported in their community.


Join us for local food and drinks, art gallery curated by 608 arts, performances and more! Support our vision, the renovations and the exciting programs housed at the SJC!  We've got a lot to celebrate!  Check out the facebook event for updates and more details.  




The program is now set and we're super excited about it! Come right at 7 and stay for the whole thing!


7:00 - Arrive and grab some food and drink, and check out the plans for the next phase of remodeling, the Mutual Aid Workspace (the MAW)!


7:15 - Gather to hear about exciting plans and developments.


7:30 - Join with Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores, local artist and activist, to learn about the Tony Robinson memorial and celebrate plans to make it permanent. Then take an art tour to learn about our mural and mosaic that commemorates those lost to state violence.

8:00 - Spoken word and music from Lexx (Alexis from the TimeBank’s Youth Court Project)

8:20Charlie Cheney (son of Nan Cheney)

9:00 - More music and spoken word with Lexx

9:20Ladyscissors (band members include Lorrie, Director of the TimeBank, and Stephanie, founder of the TimeBank and mastermind of the Mutual Aid Workspace)


Between bands you'll hear more updates about the 13th birthday of Dane County Timebank, cool new developments in transformative justice projects, and the birth of the Mutual Aid Workspace, the primary current project of Madison's Mutual Aid Network Cooperative. And most of all you'll have a chance to join as a member, to give money, to offer your skills and talents to help make it all work.


We can’t wait for this party!  Let’s eat, drink, dance, and love each other up.  We deserve it!  See you there.