Hello TimeBankers!

Things have been busy here at the TimeBank office. We’re working hard to achieve our strategic planning goals.

Heaps of gratitude to all of our members and staff for helping to make our communities more just. From relationship building to supporting the revolution, your passion, engagement, and exchanges make our world a better place.

With a fresh strategic plan, we continue to grow as an organization. Our quest for economic and social justice, as always, remains at the center. With our new 3-5 year goals, we are committed to moving forward with passion, grace, and love as we work towards achieving our vision of an interconnected community in which meaningful relationships drive collective change.

  1. Thanks and Appreciation to Gary Messinger
  2. A Warm Welcome to Damita Brown
  3. Website Updates

    Thanks and Appreciation to Gary Messinger

    We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks, love, and appreciation to Gary Messinger.

    Gary will be leaving his role as Member Coordinator later this month. During Gary’s time with the TimeBank we’ve grown from around 200 members to nearly 3000. We’ve grown from a handful of organizations to well over 200. Gary has touched so many of us with his kindness and support. He ran point on our inclusion project, was active with the TimeBank Store, worked extensively with member coordinators, supported organizational members, participated in countless events, organized the polar plunge, and stepped up when we needed him in a variety of ways. He never hesitated to help a member and he has worked hard to ensure that timebanking is as accessible and efficient as possible for all of our members.

    Gary’s contributions to the TimeBank are huge and we will miss him very much. We wish him all the best. Thank you, Gary, for your years of service.

    A Warm Welcome to Damita Brown

    As our restorative justice work evolves and expands, a new set of skills and leadership is needed for our team. With transitioning from a panel to a circle model throughout our seven sites, as well as with building a restorative justice model at LaFollette High School that aims to shift the school from punitive measures grounded in power imbalances to a restorative approach that improves our ability to hear and respect the voices of every school community member, we are thrilled to announce Dr. Damita Brown has joined our team as our Restorative Justice Director.

    Damita is an accomplished community based educator with a history of facilitating restorative justice circles, leadership, anti-racism and allyship workshop facilitation, contemplative practice instruction and project management. Welcome Damita! Stay tuned for an update on our restorative justice work and opportunities to get involved.

    Website Updates

    In technology news, many of you have likely seen that you can now request “alerts” for urgent offers and requests. Just check the box indicating it’s urgent when you create the listing and it can be listed as an alert. Those urgent needs are highlighted on our website and show up on the right side once you’re logged in. You can also “subscribe” to alerts through the subscription link at the top of your account. Just click on subscriptions then add subscribe to alerts. That will send you email notifications on all urgent offers and requests from members. It’s a great way to help folks with urgent listings.

    Thank you all for your commitment to making our communities stronger together. Log in and make an exchange today!

    All the best,

    Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer