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Hello Timebankers.

What a year we've had!

The variety of work we're accomplishing through timebanking and coming together as a community is beautiful and amazing. These successes demonstrate the value and importance of connection, seeing and valuing one another, and supporting each to be the best we can be. If you are able to give, please consider a financial, tax-deductible donation.

Your gift helps us continue to coordinate exchanges and facilitate projects that are addressing community needs. Your gift is an investment in students of color. An investment in leadership. An investment in building systems that focus on the compassion and goodness within all of us. It’s an investment in creating a culture of freedom in our communities. An investment in care and support. An investment in creating opportunities. An investment in neighbors helping neighbors when our systems fail us. An investment in our ability to create our own support. Please give if you can.

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  1. Restorative Justice and Youth Leadership
  2. Wellness and Care
  3. Transportation Support
  4. And so much more...
  5. Please consider a year end gift to support our mission

    Restorative Justice and Youth Leadership

    “I want to be a better person. I want to be a leader. I want to be great and I want my school to allow me to be that.” - high school student participating in restorative justice.

    On December 4th, our restorative justice team co-facilitated a leadership and learning event in Dubuque, Iowa, involving students and adults from 3 different school districts. Together we launched a regional collaboration called “R Justice League”. We traveled from Madison with 8 students, 3 TimeBank staff, one TimeBank member, and one LaFollette High School school staff. Together we built our skills around restorative practices, youth centered approaches, mindfulness, mediation, identifying our triggers, and more. We focused on power-sharing, deep listening and empathy building, centering the voices of those most impacted by the school-to-prison pipeline, and building a strong community of learning, practice, and support for students and adults alike.

    Wellness and Care

    “I’m so grateful I could just cry. I just don’t do these things for myself.” - educator, LaFollette High School.

    Another huge success was our Pop Up Project - Wellness and Care for Educators. The TimeBank is piloting a proactive, community building restorative justice project at LaFollette High School this school year. We've been thinking a lot about the wellness of our teachers and school staff as it relates to the overall culture and climate in the school. Working in education is extremely taxing these days and we were looking to show school staff some love. Over the course of two days, 10 massage therapists participated in “Massage Day” at LaFollette High School. 88 staff members at LHS were able to receive massages through this pop up project. The gratitude from school staff was overflowing and we were thrilled to TimeBank wellness practitioners jump on the opportunity to support teachers in this way through this TimeBank Pop Up Project.

    Transportation Support

    “J is very sweet and kind. She can be a bit shy around new people, but she is a pleasure to be around. She's funny and likes to play pranks with her sibling. She's not super talkative, but has a lot of good stories when she does get going.” - youth advocate

    When people have difficulty accessing rides to medical appointments, due to not qualifying for assistance for a variety of reasons, the TimeBank is there to fill in the gaps and get people where they need to go. Through this project hundreds of rides have been given to people, including this one where the TimeBank was able to support a family who need assistance getting their daughter to her appointments.

    And so much more...

    These are just a few examples. There were thousands of exchanges, dozens of events, hundreds of project participants, and thousands of connections made this past year.

    From the Youth of Color Excellence Brunch to Sharefest to the SJC Jubilee, we celebrated and came together as a community. From the hundreds of youth who participated in restorative justice as an alternative to the traditional court system, to the thousands of miles driven through the transportation project, to the hundreds of hours exchanged at the TimeBank Store, we supported one another. As the founder of timebanking, Edgar Cahn says, “We have what we need if we use what we have.” Thank you all for another wonderful year. Please give if you are able. 

    Please consider a year end gift to support our mission

    Mission: To connect people in sharing time and talents to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues throughout Dane County

    Vision: An interconnected community in which meaningful relationships drive collective change.

    Yes! I'll donate to support Dane County Timebank!

    In solidarity,

    Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer
    Executive Director
    Dane County TimeBank