Commitment and New Beginnings

Hello! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as spring rolls in. With spring comes new growth and new opportunities. As we continue to reflect on what it means to timebank through a racial and restorative justice lens, we continue to understand that in order to truly be a grassroots network of exchange and community based support that stands firmly in the values of timebanking, it is critical that we name and address the impacts of racism and white supremacist culture in our work and in our communities.  If we don't center race and the principles of restorative justice, timebanking works for some, but not all, which continues to perpetuate the harm that we’re trying to repair. 

As we work to connect people in sharing time and talents to meet needs, improve systems, and address community issues throughout Dane County, we are committed to centering the voices and leadership of those most impacted by injustice. There are many opportunities for you to learn about and support what it means to timebank through a racial and restorative justice lens. We’re excited to share these opportunities. We recognize that, as Bell Hooks describes, in order for the margins to become the center, we must understand the intersectional ways that our liberation is bound together. Please join us in this work.

  1. Food Justice - A Garden Project Collaboration
  2. Transportation - Drivers Needed
  3. Restorative Justice Hotline - A Community Resource for Everyone
  4. Transformative Action Network - Upcoming Orientation and Actions
  5. Letter Writing Campaign to End Violence Against Black Children

    Food Justice - A Garden Project Collaboration

    The TimeBank, Rooted, and Feed to Go are linking up this year to grow farm fresh produce and redistribute it to the families that are most impacted by food injustice and structural racism. We need your help. Rooted is looking for timebank members who can commit to four hours of work per week working on the farm and/or helping with packaging food. With a 4 hour per week commitment through the growing season, you can earn a box of produce weekly if you are experiencing food insecurity or you can redistribute that box to a family who needs it through Rooted's partnerships with local community centers. Let's work together to grow, teach, share, and make sure everyone has fresh and healthy food to eat. Learn more about our partners and this collaboration here.

    Transportation - Drivers Needed

    Dane County TimeBank is recruiting drivers to help fill transportation gaps, deliver food, supplies, and medication to people in need and most directly impacted by COVID-19. If you’re a healthy, insured driver with a vehicle and a few free hours each week, you can make a big difference in the community by helping to deliver essentials to people.

    There are many ways to get involved as a driver: 

    • Distributing free, fresh meals at community centers through the Northside Planning Council’s FEEDtoGo project. 

    • Delivering boxes of food pantry items to people who have limited transportation options and face food insecurity. 

    • Safely shopping for groceries and delivering them to people who cannot leave their homes. 

    • Picking up prescriptions for people and bringing it to their home. 

    • Transporting bulk goods from food banks to food pantries. 

    You can contact or check the transportation project page for more information on how to get involved. 

    Restorative Justice Hotline - A Community Resource for Everyone

    Our Restorative Justice Team in collaboration with the Transformative Action Network recently launched a restorative justice hotline for community members and youth who are having difficulties with friends, family members, neighbors or anyone else. Youth who have received a ticket from the police are supported though the hotline as well. We help talk through the situation using restorative conversations. We want to make sure the community knows that this is a resource for everyone. If you need to talk something through, if you’re looking for support interacting with a family member, if your relationship is stressed, if you need support knowing where to look for resources, or if you just want to vent, feel free to call the restorative justice line. It’s available everyday from 4-8pm and the number is 1-866-758-7887 (1-866-RJustUs)

    Transformative Action Network - Upcoming Orientation and Actions

    Transformative Action Network members are committed to co-conspirator abolitionist action, in line with restorative justice principles. The next orientation for the Transformative Action Network will be on May 19th from 5-6:30 pm. Join us in our committment to anti-racism work. 

    By learning to relate effectively with racism and interrupt patterns of white supremacist culture, TAN members become allies and co-conspirators to Black and Brown community members. Using restorative justice work, TAN is helping Timebank build resilience instead of fragility, action instead of silence and solidarity instead of hierarchy. Abolitionist restorative practices become powerful tools that enhance mutuality and respect across gender, race and class lines. They lead to the kind of collaboration that can move Madison beyond anemic liberalism to real progressive alternatives. Anti-racist restorative practice among Timebankers is leading to racial justice.  

    As James Baldwin wrote, “Any citizen of this country who figures himself as responsible – and particularly those of you who deal with the minds and hearts of young people – must be prepared to “go for broke.” As a network, we are striving to give racial justice everything we have. 

    Check out their vision and the latest blogs written by Transformative Action Network members Marin Smith and Gretchen Trast along with the most recent blog from Restorative Justice Director, Dr. Damita Brown. Join the Transformative Action Network on the 19th!


    Going For Broke by Marin Smith

    Tiers as a Model for Racism by Gretchen Trast

    Finding Our True North for Racial Justice: Redefining Power by Damita Brown

    Letter Writing Campaign to End Violence Against Black Children

    The campaign to End Violence Against Black Children launched in late April, led by Damita Brown and the Transformative Action Network, in collaboration with Freedom Inc. We have a goal of writing 2000 letters by election day in November. There are regular opportunities to jump on a zoom and learn more from the organizers of this campaign. This is an opportunity to turn your outrage and heartbreak about the injustice and violence faced daily by black people in our communities in to ACTION. Raise your voices and join us in writing some letters. Tell your friends, tell your families, tell your collegues. We can end this violence. Contact for information, a co-conspirator’s letter writing toolkit, and to host your own letter writing event.

    As always, thank you for being part of the timebank. I look forward to continuing to do the ongoing work of dismantling white supremacy with you. We can't destroy capitalism, the patriarchy, or create a world that aligns with our values without it. A world where we're all respected, valued, loved, and cared for. A world where we all belong. We can have that. We're in the fight for justice together. We all can be free. Join us in this work.

    In solidarity,