Collaborator of the Year, Sharefest, and Transportation Project

Hi TimeBankers! Yay, spring is here and things are popping!

First, a big shout out to Alexis Gardner, our community-based Restorative Justice Coordinator, for being named Collaborator of the Year. She'll be recognized at the 4th Annual Heymiss Progress Black Women's Leadership Conference coming up next month. 

Alexis fiercely advocates for the youth and families we work with. She inspires everyone around her. Alexis is an advocate for systems change and building healthy communities. She builds strong and authentic bonds with youth and families and she collaborates with folx all throughout the community to ensure that the youth and families she works with are respected, heard, and successful. Alexis has youth texting her that have long since completed their agreements and ended official involvement with us.

People tell me all the time how amazing Alexis is, how much they appreciate her big heart, her optimism, her humor, and her readiness to dig in and do the work. I am boundlessly grateful for those things as well. She has made a huge impact in the lives of so many young people and she no doubt will continue to impact people all throughout her life.

Secondly, save the date for our spring Sharefest coming up on 5/4 from 12-4 at the Social Justice Center. The Dane County TimeBank is partnering with the Mutual Aid Workspace and The Social Justice Center to host the event and you don't want to miss it.

This spring's theme is "Growing Abundance." Let's put our energy into what we want to grow - whether that's literal (plants) or metaphorical (human connection & resilience & skills).

Sharefest will include:
-Potluck brunch
-Plenty of hands-on opportunities to build & create
-Plant/seed swap & stuff swap
-Connections with other members of the Social Justice Center
-And lots of great workshops!

We'll be announcing workshops SOON! But for now, please mark your calendars and invite your friends! Here's the link to the event page.

One final thank you to Naomi Jones. Naomi was working with the TimeBank as our Transportation Coordinator recently and she has been a joy to get to know and work with. She has recently taken a Social Work position through the UW and we wish her all the best in her new role. Thank you for all your work, Naomi, and we look forward to continuing to timebank with you. 

We're regrouping around the transportation project and we've got Gary Messinger, our long-time Member Coordinator, and Stephanie Rearick, TimeBank Founder and Systems Design Extraordinaire, teaming up to create a neighbor care team approach for the transportation project. If you're interested in helping, get in touch with Gary at

Thanks for timebanking and see you soon.