Be the Change - The Big Share


Hello Timebankers! We're so excited to be part of The Big Share again this year. We need your help! Please help us reach our goal of raising $5000 on March 5th to support our restorative justice work. The TimeBank's youth court project prevented 225 youth from having arrests on their records last year.  The criminalization of children disrupts one of the most important protective factors for youth, their education. Your contribution is essential in supporting these youth and keeping them out of the formal system. You're dollars support brighter futures and more opportunities for the youth in our community. 

Visit and click donate, it's that easy!

In addition to basics like food, supplies, transportation, and staffing, your support allows us the opportunity to take this work deeper. It allows us to provide more support to youth and families disproportionately impacted by arrest. It allows us to conduct trainings, workshops, and discussion groups focused on social, restorative, and racial justice issues. It allows us to challenge systems and institutions. It allows us to invest in prevention. It allows us to do community organizing and movement building. It allows us to continue learning and growing as human beings.

This is mindset shift work.

This is a movement for change.

We need you. Join our campaign and give on March 5th!

Systems change is hard, but that is what the Dane County TimeBank is pushing for. Grounded in the values of timebanking, the TimeBank's youth court project ensures that everyone's voice is heard when there is a conflict or an incident that harms the community.

This project is more than youth accountability. It's about how we support each other as a community, care for one another in community, and be accountable to one another when things go wrong.

The TimeBank youth court is pushing the conversation around what true restorative justice looks like and is shifting how we treat one another within our communities. This project amplifies youth voice, builds youth leadership, and shifts power dynamics associated with the traditional system - putting power back into the hands of the community. This project is all about systems change and we're just getting started!

We need you to reach our goal. Please give today and share this opportunity to invest in youth.