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Shaping a racial justice approach at Dane County TimeBank

Northside News
Shaping a racial justice approach at Dane County TimeBank by Dane County TimeBank   Over the past 15 years, Dane County TimeBank has been involved in creating a dedicated space where people can share ideas, trade skills and build the bonds that sustain community resilience and celebrate interdependence. Even after all this time in the Madison community, we can humbly say that...

Jalateefa Joe-Meyers and Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer

Damita Brown is joined by... Jalateefa Joe-Meyers from Sankofa Educational Leadership United to talk about how they are repairing education disparities for black, brown and disenfranchised in Madison Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer from Dane County Time Bank to talk about the Time Bank and their rejuvenated Garden Project with Rooted and FEED to GO, teaching the community to garden and...

Remembering Miss Milele

Remembering Miss Milele Chikasa Anana, founder of Umoja Magazine and beautiful and beloved elder of our community with an archive recording of her conversation with former 8:00 Buzz host Aaron Perry. Featuring Eugenia Highland and Damita Brown. 

Talk Wisconsin Covid-19 Impact and Innovation

TV Wisconsin
TimeBank Executive Director, Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, interviewed by Eric Rodgers on Talk Wisconsin talking about how Covid 19 has shifted timebanking. Lorrie and Eric also discussed the importance of timebanking through a racial and restorative justice lens and the impacts of racism that are exacerbated during times of crisis, which didn't make the video unfortunately. Shout out to...

Let's Rethink What Counts as Paid Work

The Wall Street Journal
As artificial intelligence and automation multiply, so do dystopian predictions that millions of employees will become redundant, their tasks performed more reliably and cheaply by a machine. But must the “robot apocalypse” be quite so apocalyptic? It may provide a once-in- a-generation opportunity to rewrite the basic contract of the labor market: Your paycheck...

More Madison students referred to Youth Court than received citations in 2018-19 school year, report shows

The Cap Times
By Negassi Tesfamichael     Madison School Resource Officer Justin Creech speaks during an interview at Madison West High School in April.
BEN BREWER     For the first time in the last four school years, more students in the Madison School District were referred to Youth Court in 2018-19 than those who received a municipal citation, according to the Dane County TimeBank....

Restorative Justice And Youth Empowerment

BY A PUBLIC AFFAIR For today’s show, Ali hosts a vital conversation about the work of restorative justice and youth empowerment. Our guests are Aaron Blake, youth court coordinator, and Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, executive director at Dane County TimeBank, and Eugenia Highland, restorative justice director at YWCA Madison.

Community centered - The Social Justice Center creates coworking space on Willy Street

Stephanie Rearick: “Our goal is to reopen the building to the public so it can become more of a source of life in the neighborhood.” The Social Justice Center is getting a major makeover. What was once a worn-out and cramped storefront at 1202 Williamson St. is being remodeled into expanded offices and a “mutual aid workspace” that organizers hope will attract new users and groups to...

MPD: Arrest numbers have dropped by 5,000 since 2011

WKOW - 27
MADISON (WKOW) — The city of Madison is making changes to its criminal justice system to keep young adults out of jail and reduce the number of arrests police make. During a new conference Wednesday, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Police Chief Mike Koval announced a significant drop in arrests over the last several years. The announcement comes after Soglin attended a National League...

There is another option: ‘Circle Up’ shares power of restorative justice

The Badger Herald
The Dane County TimeBank will share its far-reaching relevance in an upcoming screening of “Circle Up,” which details how restorative justice establishes forgiveness, accountability and growth. An award-winning documentary directed by Julie Mallozzi, “Circle Up” follows a group of mothers as they engage in restorative justice for their sons who were victims of violent murder...