Dane County TimeBank In The News

The Sharing Economy Is Here to Stay

Madison Magazine
by Grace Edquist

Stephanie Rearick - Time Banking - CCS Conference 2013

Stephanie Rearick tells about her experience with Time Banking, and how we could share our knowledge about alternative currencies to reach a better world. Part of the CCS Community Currency Conference 2013 series.

Dane County TimeBank wins MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award!

Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne • Dane County Time Bank 2013

Time Banks Provide New Way to 'Spend' an Hour

DCTB Director (now Co-Director) Stephanie Rearick was named a 2012 Badger Bioneer for her work in timebanking.

Fixing the Future

Trophic currencies: ecosystem modeling and resilient economies

Youth Court

Connecting With Your Community

Our TimeBank is featured in this video by WIBPDD wiith member Manny Kreier and Community Outreach Coordinator Gary Messinger.