Talk Wisconsin Covid-19 Impact and Innovation

TV Wisconsin
Date Published: 
Apr. 20, 2020

TimeBank Executive Director, Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, interviewed by Eric Rodgers on Talk Wisconsin talking about how Covid 19 has shifted timebanking.

Lorrie and Eric also discussed the importance of timebanking through a racial and restorative justice lens and the impacts of racism that are exacerbated during times of crisis, which didn't make the video unfortunately. Shout out to Damita Brown for her leadership in launching the restorative justice hotline as well as our rj team members, Alexis Gardner and Kayasia Blake for their dedication to meet the needs of youth during this time. Thanks to the Transformative Action Network for their support in the development and staffing of the hotline. Also a shout out to Ryan Eykholt, Transportation Coordinator for his work on transitioning the transportation project.