Racial Justice Roundtable With M. Adams, Sabrina Madison, And Damita Brown

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Date Published: 
Jun. 3, 2020

Since the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis on Monday, May 25, there have been protests in cities all over the country demanding racial justice and an end to police brutality. Madison has seen daily protests taking place since last Saturday, and there has been a lot of discussion about what this all means for our community and our country.

For this episode, Ali Muldrow hosts a vital and timely roundtable with community leaders to talk about the fight for racial justice and where we go from here. Guests are M. Adams, co-executive director of Freedom, Inc.; Sabrina Madison, also known as “Heymiss Progress,” founder of The Progress Center for Black Women; and Dr. Damita Brown, restorative justice coordinator at the Dane County TimeBank.

It’s a powerful and wide-ranging conversation covering issues like how to think strategically about the fight for racial justice, the day-to-day work of helping Black families through the pandemic, restorative justice and alternatives to incarceration, the systemic nature of racism, what it looks like for white allies to authentically enter the movement, the role of rebellion, cops in schools, police violence and extrajudicial murders of Black folks, and how we move forward and find energy for the work ahead.

M. Adams is a community organizer and co-executive director of Freedom, Inc., one of the co-organizers of Saturday’s afternoon protest in Madison.

Sabrina Madison, also known as “Heymiss Progress,” is the founder of The Progress Center for Black Women.

Damita Brown is a community-based educator, facilitator of anti-racism workshops, and restorative justice coordinator at the Dane County TimeBank.

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