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Restorative justice advocates tell ERO committee to remove police from schools

The Capital Times
By Amber C. Walker​ Restorative justice practitioners had a clear message for the Madison School Board's committee on police in schools: It is time for the police to go.  The Madison School Board's ad-hoc committee on educational resource officers is three-quarters of the way through its 15-month process to review, evaluate and make recommendations about the use of police in...

Restorative Justice And Youth Empowerment

BY A PUBLIC AFFAIR For today’s show, Ali hosts a vital conversation about the work of restorative justice and youth empowerment. Our guests are Aaron Blake, youth court coordinator, and Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, executive director at Dane County TimeBank, and Eugenia Highland, restorative justice director at YWCA Madison.

Rethinking youth justice in the Madison Police Department

Channel 3000
The Madison Police Department launched a citywide restorative justice program to help get Madison youth on the right track. A collaborative effort between MPD, YWCA Madison and Dane County TimeBank, this program will give youth between the ages of 12 and 16 a chance to resolve citations outside the courtroom for non-traffic violations like property damage, theft or disorderly...

Rossetti Youth Court Story

Video - Officer Greg Rossetti speaks of restorative justice and youth courts

Satya Rhodes-Conway is failing Madison

tone madison
Satya Rhodes-Conway is failing Madison  by Dayna Long  The Mayor's response has only deepened the systemic issues that prompted the ongoing wave of historic protests. On Sunday, May 31, at the behest of Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Governor Tony Evers, police officers from throughout Dane County and members of the National Guard attacked young protesters on the Isthmus, using...

Shaping a racial justice approach at Dane County TimeBank

Northside News
Shaping a racial justice approach at Dane County TimeBank by Dane County TimeBank   Over the past 15 years, Dane County TimeBank has been involved in creating a dedicated space where people can share ideas, trade skills and build the bonds that sustain community resilience and celebrate interdependence. Even after all this time in the Madison community, we can humbly say that...

SHIFT the Narrative

Seeding Sovereignty
SHIFT the NARRATIVE - A live series dedicated to Indigenous political engagement With Hosts: Sikowis (Christine Nobiss), SHIFT Director and S.A. Lawrence-Welch, SHIFT Operations Organizer Interviewing: Dr. Damita Brown, Dane County Timebank, Restorative Justice Director "Join us as we interview Dr. Damita Brown, a community-based educator specializing in racial justice...

Social work graduate: ‘My greatest goal … is to make people see each other as human beings’

University of Wisconsin News
A 16-year-old boy is shown into the room. There are four tables set up in a rectangle; seven people sit around the ‘“U,” facing him. He approaches them unenthusiastically and sits down. “We’re not that scary,” Shannon Davis assures him. “We’re just going to talk.” While this is certainly not a threatening environment – it is a clean, beautiful church lobby, and...

Stephanie Rearick - Time Banking - CCS Conference 2013

Stephanie Rearick tells about her experience with Time Banking, and how we could share our knowledge about alternative currencies to reach a better world. Part of the CCS Community Currency Conference 2013 series.

Stephanie Rearick at Madison, WI Capitol March 8, 2011 - "It's The Stupid Economy"