Dane County TimeBank In The News

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be rock stars

Efforts are underway to help local musicians survive in a tough market by Laura Jones

Rethinking youth justice in the Madison Police Department

Channel 3000
The Madison Police Department launched a citywide restorative justice program to help get Madison youth on the right track. A collaborative effort between MPD, YWCA Madison and Dane County TimeBank, this program will give youth between the ages of 12 and 16 a chance to resolve citations outside the courtroom for non-traffic violations like property damage, theft or disorderly...

Dane County, Madison launch restorative justice program for youth

Local officials announce program to reduce disparities in criminal justice system

The Creative Destruction of the US Prison Industrial Complex: We Can Do It!

TimeBank creates space for service

Time Banks: A Tool for Restorative Justice and Community Strength

Huffington Post
By Stephanie Rearick writing in Bev Bell's blog

Voting Rights and the Dane County Timebank

Senior Beat - Madison City Channel
DCTB Member Outreach Coordinator Gary Messinger talks timebanking and seniors. His segment starts at 15:20. With some good discussion of how the Madison Senior Center uses the timebank as an organization.  

The Sharing Economy Is Here to Stay

Madison Magazine
by Grace Edquist

Stephanie Rearick - Time Banking - CCS Conference 2013

Stephanie Rearick tells about her experience with Time Banking, and how we could share our knowledge about alternative currencies to reach a better world. Part of the CCS Community Currency Conference 2013 series.