Weekly volunteer for medical respite center for homeless families

Request - Posted by Member 2057 on Nov. 16, 2018
Care & Companionship

The Healing House is a place a homeless child or family member can go to heal after surgery.  It is located on the near west side of Madison, just to the northwest of the UW campus, and provides recuperative care by medically trained staff and volunteers. The Healing House also provides guests with three meals a day, child care assistance and case management to end the cycle of homelessness.  


Healing House volunteers make a commitment to supporting a clean and healthy atmosphere, provide nutritional food options for guests as needed, and engage in a friendly manner with both youth and adult guests. Volunteers assist with childcare, preparing meals, cleaning rooms, and supporting staff as needed. There will typically be no type of "normal" day, as it depends on our residents. The ideal Healing House volunteer will be consistent, flexible, motivated, and caring. Volunteers commit to once a week for a four hour shift for six months. Shifts are offered every day starting at 7:00 am and going through 7:00 pm. Qualified volunteers have the opportunity to continue on after their six month commitment.

One intern position will be offered each term. Interns commit to 10 hours per week and are the point of contact for the Make our House a Home Team. If you are interested in the intern position, please indicate on our online application.

Complete this online application for our Make our House a Home Team Member.