cat cuddler!

Request - Posted by Member 3203 on Oct. 15, 2018
Care & Companionship

Want to earn so easy TB hours? Come over and visit a cat that I am fostering for a friend who was forced due to financial hardship to move into a place that does not allow cats. My cat will not abide another feline in the house, so this kitty is currently on my three-season porch. I can't spend time with her because I have severe allergies and need to stay in where I have my air-filtration system going. I live by East High. This would be a great gig for a student. All you have to do is hang out on the front porch and be friendly with the kitty. You could read, chat with your friends. . . whatever, just as long as you hang out with the cat and give her some much needed lovin' like maybe let her sit on your lap or dangle a cat toy around. C'mon! It'll be fun, and you'll earn some sweet, sweet timebank hours!