Sunday Skool - Transformational Leadership Series - exploring power, privilege, and racism

Social Justice Center - Mutual Aid Workspace

1202 Williamson St
Madison 53703

Please join us for this Transformational Leadership Series led by the amazing Davette Baker. In this 12 session series we will explore positionality, privilege, systems of power and oppression, and systemic racism through discussions, activities, and film. We will build our individual and collective skills around taking action, movement building, and community organizing as we work together towards justice for all. This series is open to all and particularly relavent for folx interested in social justice, racial justice, and restorative justice work. 


July 7 - Privilege/ White Fragility/ Systemic Racism (this training includes a Privilege walk)
Let’s discuss how privilege and systemic racism playout in our world. We will be discussing the different types of privilege and taking a deep dive into systemic issues. We will also take a look at our own specific privileges and how it affects how WE interact with the world. 

July 14 - History of Mass incarceration In the US -"13th"
This week we fill screen and have a group discussion about this film. We will begin our discussion on how structural oppression has played a role in our incarnation issues. 

July 21 - Dominant Narrative 
What is the “dominant narrative?” Come learn how you can start seeing the dominant narrative at work in the world around us and in ourselves. 

July 28 - History of Policing - "The Hate You Give" 
This will be done through visuals and discussion about how Policing has changed over the years 

August 4 - Structural Oppression Part 1 
To demonstrate how some traditional understandings of the economy and race wrongly separate race and capitalism; 1) what happens if we reduce everything to class 2) what happens if we reduce everything to race -- and present “our picture” of these subsystems as inter-related. Preview our idea of “racial capitalism” as unified system. 

August 11 - Structural Oppression Part 2 
To lay out a clear structural analysis of sex, gender and sexuality, as they relate to our current economic system. Participants will gain clarity in distinguishing “sex” from “gender,” will explore gender scripting, the history of gender and economy as they relate to the ownership of women’s bodies and the exploitation of women’s work, and finally looking at the intersection of race, gender and class.

September 8 - Central Park Five: A Case Study
With the release of Ava DuVernay’s show “When They See Us” and the Cops In Schools debate here in Madison. We think it important to screen an episode and have an open discussion about the similarities to the climate then and now. Bring your critical thinking caps and they notes from our previous sections! 

A how-to on organizing. You will be given all the tools to become an organizer around issues you care about. 

date tbd - Path to Power 
This session is called “Path to Power” because becoming a power person is a journey. Everyone who has power is hungry for power and wants more. Every power person sees their life as a Journey on that path. WE will explore your very own path to your own power. 

date tbd - Cutting an issue 
Opportunities for action locally - how to deeply work on community issues

date tbd - Restorative Practices Panel Discussion
Join us for a local panel discussion about the restorative justice movement. Panelists tba.

date tbd - Where to Invade Next 
Who is getting things right? Let’s watch and invade countries that are.

Davette K. Baker
Regional Organizing Director, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Davette Baker is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and currently lives in Madison. Davette currently is a Regional Organizing Director for the Northside of Milwaukee County with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. She is a Milwaukee Public School Grad and UW-Whitewater grad and has a Masters in Mental Health. Before moving to Madison, she worked to change the lives of those who struggle with mental illness as well as criminal justice issues in Milwaukee county. Davette’s road to activism started with completing a program for women who wanted to help and shape policy. She most recently played a role in assisting with the effect of electing a new state leadership team for the state of Wisconsin while working with the Human Rights Campaign. As she patiently awaited her next organizing adventure, she has been facilitating trainings that center on transformative leadership, discussions about race, gender and sexuality.  As a Queer Black woman, she noticed that those identities are not represented and this is what fuels her spirit to be a leader in her community. She strives to remember all of her identities and she is excited to finally be in a place where she is supported and is able to uplift those with the same identities and to create the change needed in the world. She also fosters a love for cats and grilled cheese.