Letter Writing Campaign to End Violence Against Black People



The Letter Writing Campaign to End Violence against Black People began as a response to lynching, incarceration and other forms of violence against Black people. It is a collaboration between the Transformative Action Network and Freedom Inc. Black people in Madison and beyond face a wide spectrum of violence in schools and in the wider community. Precious life is lost everyday. Most recently we are reeling from the murder of George Floyd. In December of 2019 a 14 year-old was arrested at gun point at his middle school here in Dane County, it could have been him. It is up to us to make this violence unacceptable. Seventy-eight percent of the children incarcerated in Wisconsin are youth of color. Why is it acceptable for any children to be locked behind bars? We need to decriminalize Black people. We need to connect with each other's humanity. Break the silence about this violence and the role white privilege plays in keeping it going. You can break the silence with action: Write a letter. Our goal is to write and send 2000 letters to aldermen, state representatives, county supervisors, school staff and administrators, other elected officials, editors, police, community organizations and others. 


Attend a letter writing session:

During the session you will learn more about the issue and our demands, get support getting your ideas out, hear sample letters and meet other people doing this important work to end violence. We have a set of 8 demands we want every letter to include and are keeping a tally of the letters sent so we are asking people to attend a zoom gathering to get the details. If that's not possible, you can also write to Damita Brown at the Dane County Timebank to get important details and she can send you a Co-conspirator tool kit for writing a letter.

Host a Zoom letter writing session:

You can get our Co-conspirator toolkit that shows you step by step how to host your own letter writing party. We want folks to invite friends, neighbors, colleagues, family co-workers and others to join them in writing a letter to help end this violence. The tool kit has sample letters, ideas about where to send the letters, and graphics containing more information you can show people in your zoom party.

Letter Writing Sessions will be every other Thursday at 7:00 - 8:30pm. 

Please contact our restorative justice director,  Damita Brown if you have any questions: damita@danecountytimebank.org