International Quiz Show/Trivia Game


HUMAN Party!

To all Timebankers, mutual aiders, trivia buffs and quizzers out there,

International Quiz Show/Trivia Night!!

Sunday May 17, 11:45amCDT/5:45UK

on Zoom!

The quiz will be co-hosted by UK & USA quizmasters, David Gautier (UK) and Tony Anderson (US).

This will be Timebank Hull and East Riding's third Timebank quiz and those of you who have attended previous ones can be testament to the the experience being delightfully random and hilarious! Mixing up perfomance and skill shares offered by members in the intermission, (eg singing along out of sync and discovering origami!). This along with more traditional quiz questions and silly hats/fancy dress (but this is not compulsory!). - who knew that online quizzes could be such fun!


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