Community Lab for Intentional Practice


The Lab is focused on providing an alternative community space for developing abolitionist, co-conspirator and restorative justice practices that eliminate racial disparities in Dane County and empower the voices of those most impacted. CLIP prioritizes expanding self-awareness and the ability to offer transformative practice at interpersonal and institutional levels of engagement. Recognizing that unlearning the ways we participate in white supremacist culture are deeply ingrained, members are committed to consistent and long term work.

CLIP offers ongoing restorative circle opportunities, capacity building for anti-racism,  healing the harm institutional racism, and practice sessions that increase our capacity to break silences and respond effectively.

Organizations are welcome to request lab sessions that respond to their specific needs. Currently labs are meeting on the first and third Monday of every month from 2:30-3:30pm, and the fourth Monday of every month from 6-7pm. Please contact our restorative justice director, Damita Brown with questions or requests for a CLIP lab for your organization.

Members can RSVP on this page to receive registration information for the event.