Community Lab for Intentional Practice

Social Justice Center

1202 Williamson St
Madison 53703

Community Lab for Intentional Practice

The Lab is focused on providing an alternative community space for exploring and becoming proficient in racial and restorative justice. Within the framework of intersectional approaches, the lab prioritizes expanding self-awareness and our ability to offer transformative practice at interpersonal and institutional levels of engagement. 

Specifically the lab will offer ongoing restorative circle opportunities, anti-racism training, resources for addressing institutional harm, and practice scenarios for addressing personal and professional encounters with white supremacy effectively. Our work in the lab also includes opportunities to engage in creative, contemplative and collaborative projects that dismantle institutional injustice and develops alternative institutional infrastructures.

Organizations are welcome to request supported lab sessions in which CLIP guides to work through specific issues

The next scheduled CLIP  sessions are:
Thursday, November 21, 4pm to 6pm 
Sunday, November 24, 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.