Abolitionist Restorative Justice Workshop


Save the date for Dane County Timebank's Abolitionist Restorative Justice Workshop! This workshop is being held on Friday, November 6th from 9:00am to 4:00pm via Zoom with a lunch break from 12 - 1pm. 

This workshop is designed for antiracists who want to upgrade their efforts to dismantle white supremacist culture. This work is for those dedicated to bringing abolitionism grounded in the principles of contemplative practice into their spheres of influence. Participants will learn practical skills for cutting through divisive us/them mindsets. We will examine the relationship between identity, privilege, and power. Emphasis will be placed on effective co-conspiratorship, developing action plans for ongoing antiracism, and restorative justice work. Principles such as 360 degree accountability, empathy, healing, and nurturing relationships with healthy dynamics of power will also be explored. This discussion based session will be team taught by trained restorative justice practitioners committed to an abolitionist approach. The fall version of this workshop will address issues related to the election and how to bring abolitionist restorative justice into our effort to protect democracy.

For more information, contact Damita Brown at damita@danecountytimebank.org

You can register for this virtual event using the link here.

There is a suggested donation of $75 - $150, or pay what you can. The funds raised will be directed to the Black Leaders Scholarship Fund. You can make your contribution here.