Board of Directors Meeting

July 21, 2020 - 6:00pm

I. Opening Check-In (Lisa) 6:00

II. Assign Notetaker

III. Agenda Review & Update if Needed (Lisa) 6:10

IV. Review and approve minutes 6:15

V. Director’s Report (Lorrie) – activities /projects/ partnership 6:25

VI. Finance/ Budget review – website design investment 6:40

VII. Audit update 6:55

a. vote on cost allocation plan
b. vote on fraud policy and cost allocation plan

VIII. Engagement strategies – TAN, community activities, etc. 7:00

IX. Membership roles and adjustments to sign up and orientation 7:10

a. discussion and bylaws review

X. Background checks discussion 7:15

XI. Board meeting dates and frequency 7:25