Board of Directors Meeting

April 21, 2020 - 6:00pm

I. Opening Check-In (Lisa) 6:00

II. Agenda Review & Update if Needed (Lisa) 6:10

III. Review and approve February minutes (Amanda) 6:10

IV. Director’s Report & Financial Update: Verbal Report (Lorrie) 6:15

V. Timebanking during the time of COVID-19/ Timebanking with a racial justice lens 6:25
Circle discussion

a. How can timebanking be most relevant and impactful in this community?
a.i. Who has been most impacted in our community?
b. As we continue shifting our approach to timebanking with a racial justice lens as described in the strategic plan, this means things will be changing. Significant change almost always ruffles feathers/makes some people uncomfortable. Why and what does that mean for the Timebank? What are the limits that we want to push past and are there others we aren’t willing to push?

VI. Summary of To-Do’s, recording hours, and Adjourn (Amanda) 7:20