Alerts - Urgent needs


6 foot flat screen TV

Posted by Member 1238

I have a six foot flat screen TV that's yours for the taking. It's up a flight of stairs so this isn't a one person job. If you could use this, or even take it to a technology friendly recycling place, please either email me or send a text to the # on my account profile.


child care

Posted by Member 4673

I'm requesting childcare for my 9 year old son on the weekends while I'm at work. Typically for about 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30-8:30ish. I'm looking for a responsible person who doesn't drink, or smoke in any way due to medical reasons. Please reach out if you're interested in helping. I'd love to talk more. I'm happy to help with transportation to and from my house if that is needed as well. Thank you so much.